Acerpure Cool | Acerpure Cool Filter Replacement - HEPA Filter ACF061


**Suitable for Acerpure Cool Series C1 - AC530

1) 3 in 1 HEPA Filter Filter
    Dimension (W*D*H): 293 x 293 x 136.4 mm
    Net Weight: 0.583 kg

2) Ag+ Silver Coated Filter Filter
     Dimension (W*D): 923*116 mm
     Net Weight : 11g

- The recommended replacement time for the filter is 2000 hours, but it still depends on your actual usage. Please replace the filter immediately when the filter indicator [ ] flashes to maintain the purification performance of this product.

- You can regularly place the filter in a ventilated place with sunlight for a period of time to avoid the activated carbon filter from absorbing too much harmful gas and causing odors.

- Steps to Change
1. After turning off the power and unplugging, turn the filter cover counterclockwise (the arrow will point to the unlocked icon).
2. Take out the original filter and replace it with a new filter.
3. After installing the filter cover, turn the filter cover clockwise (the arrow will point tothe lock icon), and make sure it is locked.
4. After replacing the filter and turning it on, press and hold the air purifier power button for 3 seconds to release the filter indicator flashing light.

Note: Please be sure to unpack the filter before replacing the filter.

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