Follow the Steps below to download and install your Digital Product Software License

  1. Enter the 16-digit PIN that has been sent to you in the order confirmation email in the box below.​
  2. Once the code has been entered, copy your Activation Key and click on the link displayed to be redirected to the digital product website.​

  3. Follow the instructions on the digital product website to finish the redemption process and download your product.​

  4. If you have any issue in entering your PIN on this website, please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PIN?​

The PIN is a 16-digit code that you will find in the confirmation email of your order. By entering this PIN, you will get your activation key for the product you have purchased.​


What should I do when I get the activation key?​

Once you get your activation key, copy it and click on the link displayed. Follow the instructions to download and install your product.​


What is the difference between PIN code and Activation Key?​

The PIN you received in the email gives you access to the screen where you will get your digital product activation key.​


Can I use my PIN more than once?​

Yes. You can enter your PIN on this page as many times as you need to obtain your Activation key. This PIN is associated with a single activation key of the product you have purchased.