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Add On 3.5 Inch HDD 2TB 7200 Rpm (Desktop)


Applicable for Desktop Model:
Aspire XC-1760
Nitro N50-640
Predator PO3-640
Predator PO7-640

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Acer 3.5 Inch HDD 2TB 7200 rpm (This item must be purchased together with Desktop From Acer Official Store)

Criteria to add Acer 3.5 Inch HDD 2TB 7200 rpm
• Item must be purchased with Desktop in the same order from Acer Official Store
• Item must be confirmed from Acer Official Store that the Desktop has a slot to add
• The add-on storage option is subject to the capacity of the purchase desktop.
• The add-on HDD will be installed before delivery.
• Up to 2 additional days for fulfilment is required.
• Standalone purchase will be rejected.

Applicable Model :
Aspire XC-1760
Nitro N50-640
Predator  PO3-640
Predator  PO7-640

Please drop us a chat to confirm the capacity of the desktop.
Note: Hard Disk image is for illustration only.

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