Warranty Policy

Terms & Conditions of Extended Warranty

1) Acer India (Pvt) Limited, (Acer India) guarantees the product purchased by you to be free from defects resulting from use of faulty parts or poor workmanship during its manufacture subject to terms of the limited Extended warranty (warranty) given below.
a) The registration document should be updated to Acer India immediately after purchase of Extended and should reach within the default one year warranty period to Acer India for registration.
b) Acer India will repair or replace any defective spare parts and correct the problem resulting from electronic failure .free of charge. Acer India reserves the right to use reconditioned spare parts with performance parameters equal to those of new spare parts in connection with any services performed under Acer India limited warranty.
c) All Acer India options/upgrades within the notebook purchased with the notebook or later will be governed by the warranty of the base Acer India notebook. Any option purchased beyond the warranty of the base Acer India notebook will be under 90 days warranty from the date of its proof of purchase.

2) Warranty services :
a) Customer to provide the Original customer Invoice (Proof of Purchase) & Extended Warranty Certificate to the ASP in order to enjoy these benefits of Extended Warranty Protection.
b) The additional 2 years warranty shall be same as the default 1- year RTB or onsite product warranty as shipped by Acer India.
c) For notebook warranty support please contact our Toll Free Helpline call centre at 1800 - 11- 6677 (reachable from BSNL and MTNL landline numbers) or 1800-3000-2237 (reachable from Reliance). Alternatively avail the SMS service by sending the laptop serial number, customer name and problem description to 9901676677
d) Notebook Battery pack being consumable will not be covered under this additional 2 - years extended warranty. It is only restricted to the 1st year of base product warranty period.
e) Additional 2 - years warranty is valid only in India.
f) Standard warranty on Notebooks is 1 year local (India) warranty and 1 year International Travellers Warranty along with ADP(all run concurrently). Only extended warranty applicable for 2nd 3rd year. This is NOT applicable for ITW.
g) Extended Warranty is model specific and needs to be purchased with reference to the applicable approved list ( available online in APN ).Wherever the stocks not pertaining to current month are being sold, the EUP applicable for the respective month to be adopted by the channel partner without violating the MRP declared in the Extended price-list that is being sold.
h) Extended Warranty Extension Prices are Exclusive of Service Tax (Please Note : MRP indicated are highest Values. EUP plus local taxes should not exceed MRP declared in the price-list).
i) For warranty and support details please visit our website http://www.acer.co.in/support/.

3) Warranty shall be rendered null and void if:
a) The product is physically damaged.
b) The product is modified, maintained or repaired by a party not authorized by Acer India.
c) The product is installed(including both Hardware and software), maintained and operated in ways other than as recommended by Acer India.
d) The product is becomes faulty or damaged due to improper electrical supply.
e) The model number, serial number or warranty stickers have been removed or tempered with.
f) A non-Acer India certified product (like RAM, HDD, etc.) is added internally to the desktop or notebook.

4) Warranty Limitations:
a) Warranty is not transferable from one user or customer to another after resale or transfer of ownership of the Desktop or notebook.
b) Warranty does not cover the replacement of the desktop or notebook as a unit.
c) The warranty does not cover refund of money.
d) Acer India will not be responsible for loss of data on the Desktop or notebook under any circumstances.
e) Customers should take data backups before handing over the notebooks for servicing to Acer engineers or service centres.
f) Any software that accompanied the Acer India desktop or notebook is on as is basis. Acer India does not warranty the operation of any of these software programs per-loaded or loaded to the Acer India desktop or notebook.
g) Any service or repair or replacement not within the scope of Acer India’s warranty coverage shall be subjected to the rates and terms of the Acer Authorized Service Provider (AASP) performing such services.
h) All third party accessories or peripherals, whether purchased as a part of the notebook or bundled with it, normally come with the prevailing suppliers warranty and Acer India does not provide the warranty for such products.
i) Acer India does not warrant error free or uninterrupted operation of the Desktop or notebook.
j) Acer India will be responsible for reloading support of Operating System for Desktop or Notebooks supplied with factory preloaded OS. However Acer India will not be responsible for software patches and updates.

5) Warranty does not apply to the following.
a) All plastic parts, chassis, hinges and cosmetic parts
b) Internal and external damages in the LCD screen.
c) Key top damages in Keyboards.
d) Motherboard, keyboard and other component failures due to liquid/water spillage.
e) Motherboard with Pin Bent / Broken / Broken DC connector or Burnt near the Ports (e.g. USB, Modem, LAN Port, Memory socket)
f) CDs, Manuals, Power cord, Cables, Carry case
g) Software, Virus, Non factory preloaded OS support.
h) Physically damaged, burnt or spare parts exposed to unnatural weather or water/ corrosive liquids.
i) Damages caused due to natural calamities/hazards, civil disturbances, riots.
j) Battery
k) Remote control where ever part of laptop
l) Theft and burglary

6) Except for the warranties set forth herein, Acer India disclaims all other warranties, express or implied or statutory, including, but not limited to the implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. Any implied warranties that may be imposed by applicable law are limited to the duration of this limited warranty. In no event shall Acer India be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, consequential human injury or loss, including, but not limited to loss of business, profits, data or use whether in an action or tort or bases on warranty arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product or any Acer supplied software which accompanies the product even if Acer has advised of the possibility of such damages.
7) The customer agrees that repair or replacement of spares parts, as applicable, under the warranty services described herein are sole and exclusive remedies with respect to any breach of acer India limited warranty set forth herein.
8) If any provision of this limited warranty is judged to be unenforceable or illegal, the continuation of the other provisions will not be affected. This warranty will also not affect the customers statutory right under the applicable Indian laws.

Terms & Conditions of Accidental Damage Protection

• Customer to provide the Original customer Invoice (Proof of Purchase) & Accidental Cover Certificate to the ASP in order to enjoy these benefits of Accidental Damage Protection
• This is covered for the first year only from the date of purchase.
• This cover provides complete protection to the product including any kind of accidental damages but will exclude battery, charger/adaptor, and plastic parts, key top damages to keyboard.
• Illustrative Types of Damages are:


Scope of Coverage

Drop, Fall, Damages due to collision with people, material, Run over by a vehicle, etc.

Repair or Replacement

Electrical Short Circuits

Repair or Replacement

Liquid Spillage, Damages due to water-log

Repair or Replacement

Damages during road accidents

Repair or Replacement

• The following damages are excluded from the scope of Accidental Coverage
a) Damages due to fire
b) Damages due to natural events like flood, earthquake, typhoon, lightning, etc.
c) Damages caused by insects (e.g. Rats, Termites, etc.)
d) Damages caused by friendly animals (e.g. Cats, Dogs, etc.)
e) Damages on account of routine wear and tear.
f) Stolen/Theft units are not covered.

• Replacement will be subject to – Only when the cost of repair is beyond economic value and will be determined by Acer Engineer.
• Replacement notebooks will be a same or similar spec new/refurbished notebook (Depreciated value is recoverable from the customer based on this schedule).
a) Up to 3 Months – Up to 22% of the replacement value
b) 3 to 6 Months – Up to 43% of the replacement value
c) 6 to 12 Months – Up to 58% of the replacement value

However the said recoveries are applicable only in the case of replacement against whole unit and the same shall not be applicable in case of repair.
Replaced parts are the property of Acer India and will not be returned to the customer.