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    • IPS

      View your monitor at wider angles of up to 178° while maintaining the same level of high-quality color with an IPS panel.

    • WQHD

      Display resolution of 2560x1440 pixels - four times as many colour-bursting pixels as regular HD screens.

    • AE Color Accuracy Delta <1

      Delta E ensures the color being displayed closely matches what the human eye sees. The lower the Delta E value (Delta E <1 is lowest), the greater the color accuracy.

    • Zero Frame

      Improved enjoyment and maximum visibility of the screen with the frameless design.

    ★萊茵認證 TUV eyesafe Display
    ★VESA HDR400 & 90%DCI-P3 廣色域
    ★濾藍光護眼技術+色彩精準Delta E<1


    • 2560x1440 2K高解析
    • IPS 178度廣視角
    • 最高亮度:400 cd/㎡
    • ZERO FRAME 無邊框設計
    • AMD FreeSync技術
    • 0.5ms急速反應時間
    • 170Hz更新頻率
    • Display HDR 400認證
    • DCI-P3 90%
    • 高色準Delta E1
    • Display Widget 公用程式軟體
    • 內建喇叭2Wx2
    • 可調整傾斜/高低/旋轉
    • 支援HDMI 2.0x2/DisplayPort1.2/USB*4介面
    • 支援VESA壁掛
    正常價格 NT$18,900 特殊價格 NT$9,999
商店介面 列表 網格

4 項商品

  • 您目前正閱讀 1