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  • RoboKIT 機械人教材Level 1 內有:紅外線感應器、LED燈、buzzer 、DC motor 等
  • ICanCode® 由韓國直接入口, Level 1 已可拼砌出最少10款機械人,更可自由創作及延續學習
  • Rogic programming
  • Step-by-Step Workbook
  • 3堂線上真人互動課或指定中心之面授課堂(北角/旺角/大埔)
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綫上學習套裝 合7歲起

1 RoboKIT 機械人教材Level 1 

內有:紅外線感應器、LED燈、buzzer 、DC motor 等 (ICanCode® 由韓國直接入口, Level 1 已可拼砌出最少10款機械人,更可自由創作及延續學習)

2 Rogic programming

3 Step-by-Step Workbook

4 3堂線上真人互動課或指定中心之面授課堂(北角/旺角/大埔)


入門系列可輕鬆造出10款不同的機械人或機械裝置, 配合獨有的全方位 Step-by-Step Workbook 及 Rogic Programming 軟件學習電腦編程! 利用CPU 主板和各機械零件和感應器 sensors 學習機械原理及相關的物理知識, 更可自由創作設計出自己獨一無二的機械人! 透過對科技的了解,培養對科學的興趣和熱愛! 提升自學能力,邏輯力與無限的創新思維。

Do you know what skills will be of huge importance tomorrow? Taking into consideration the fast digitalization of our world, we can say with confidence that Computational Thinking is the skill anyone should be aware of. Put crudely, it is the conception of how and why computers perceive and analyze information and make decisions. I Can Code brings your kids and teens the skills for the future. Here is the best robotics program offered by I Can Code riding on over 18 years of technology education experience in South Korea.


Korean Robotic Programme (Age: 7+)

The combination of Rogic Programming and Step-by-Step Workbook will show your youngster how to create 10 different types of robots and mechanisms. And your kid will be able to create a unique robot using CPU and different sensors and details. 


The course is focused on a customized approach to every student, development of logic, creativity, and self-education. This is a beginner course designed to help students learn the basic knowledge of assembling robots as well as coding. Using simply a screwdriver and nuts and bolts, students can even create their own robots. At the same time, students can also learn about various types of components, such as LEDs and motors. 


The contents of the classes include:

        1)     RoboKIT Level 1 (including CPU, IR sensor, DC motors & buzzer, etc…)

        2)     Rogic Program (the coding program interface)

        3)     Step-by-Step Workbook

        4)  3 lessons of interactive Online Follow-Me training / Face to face lesson at Selection Center at North Point/Mong Kok/Tai Po



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