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    Eleclean Disinfectant Device - OEP010

    Part Number

    World First Technology: Water + Electricity = Disinfectant

    The Eleclean disinfectant device using nano-catalysis electrochemical technology manufactures disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It contains no harmful preservatives, provides protection against viruses and bacteria and is easy to use and carry.

    ELECLEAN’s advanced “Electro-Oxidation” technology has been designated as a key technological innovation to address Covid-19 by the World Health Organization.

    Warranty Terms & Conditions
    • This product carries a one year limited warranty starting from the date you purchased the product.
    • Please keep a copy of your invoice as proof of purchase
    • The warranty period shall begin from the date the product was shipped, if purchase date cannot be verified.
    • The warranty does not apply to the accessories that came with the product.
    • Please read the instruction manual carefully, and use the device correctly. The warranty might be void when inappropriate operations and disassembling of the device occurs.
    Quick Specs
    • Size: 1.9" x 5.8" in (47x148 mm)
    • Weight: .22 lb (100 g)
    • Battery: Li-ion 720mAh
    • Charge Time: About 2 hours
    • Charge Mode: Micro USB
    • Input Power: DC 5V/1A
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    More Information
    Package Contents Eleclean Disinfectant Device; Activated Carriers (1); Micro USB charging cable (1) and Disinfectant Test Strip.
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