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    Eleclean Activated Carriers - OIP011

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    Activated Carriers FAQ

    Q1: What’s the function of the Activated Carriers?
    A1: By having Activated Carriers inside the device, it can adjust the hardness of the water. Also, to protect the electrode and stabilizing the electrochemical reaction.

    Q2: What’s the lifespan of the Activated Carriers once it has been put into the device?
    A2: Please replace the Activated Carriers after 150 times of electrochemical reaction. The device will tally 150 times of usage automatically, and the maintenance indicator will be illuminated to remind the user to change the Activated Carriers when needed.

    Q3: What’s the ingredient of the Activated Carriers?
    A3: Polymer and water.

    Q4: Is there any chance that the Activated Carriers could release chemical matters?
    A4: The Activated Carriers has no reaction with electrochemical reaction; hence, the Activated Carriers won’t release any chemical matters.

    Q5: What would happen if the Activated Carriers are not inserted when the electrochemical reaction takes place?
    A5: The device can still produce the disinfectant successfully. However, the lifespan of the device will shorten much faster in comparison to using the Activated Carriers properly inside the device.
    Quick Specs
    • Activated carriers, the only consumable item for ELECLEAN portable device
    • 1 set contains two sticks
    • Each set is good for 150 (reaction) times
    • Patented high polymer core
    • Electrochemical reaction catalyst
    • Do not dissolve in water
    • 2 years shelf life
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