Predator Galea 500 Gaming Headset

  • Acer Predator Premium Gaming USB Wired Headset with 3D Sound Scape Technology & 7.1 Acer TrueHarmony
  • Aviator-type Binaural Earpiece, Unidirectional retractable mic
  • 40mm bio cellulose membrance driver unit
  • 3 EQ Modes: Sports/Movie/Music
  • USB connectivity to host
  • 1 Year Carry-In Local Singapore Warranty
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In the game world – what you hear (and what you don’t) can be life or death. By utilizing our latest TrueHarmony™ 3D Soundscape technology, you hear everything with pinpoint precision.

Predator Galea 500 (PHW730)
Stereo - Metallic Black - USB - Wired - 2.2 Kilo Ohm - 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Gold Plated - Over-the-head - Binaural - Circumaural - 7.87" Cable - Uni-directional Microphone

Puts you right inside the game

Give you the ability to hear and not just see the exact location of all the elements within the game: the assassin creeping in from behind or the bullets shooting toward you from enemy outside the field of sight.

Experience movies the way they are meant to be heard

Turn your headphones into a top-of-the-line movie theater sound system, creating an immersive real surround sound experience.

Pinpoint accuracy and total auditory immersion

Take the VR experience to the next level with fully realistic 3D sound that gives VR entertainment a real sense of presence.



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