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Add On 2.5 Inch HDD 1TB 5400 rpm (Laptop)

  • Check applicable models in the product details
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Delivery 3-5 working days

Acer 2.5 Inch HDD 1TB 5400 rpm (This item must be purchased together with Laptop From Acer Official Store)

Criteria to add Acer 2.5 Inch HDD 1TB 5400 rpm
• Item must be purchase with Notebook in the same order from Acer Official Store
• Item must be confirmed from Acer Official Store that the Notebook has a slot to add
• The add-on storage option is subject to the capacity of the purchase laptop/desktop.
• The add-on HDD will be installed before delivery.
• Up to 2 additional days for fulfilment is required.
• Standalone purchase will be rejected.

Applicable Model :

AN515-55, AN515-56, AN515-57, AN517-54, AN515-45, AN517-41, AN517-52
PH315-54, PH317-55, PH315-53, PH317-54
A514-54(G), A515-56(G)
A314-35, A315-35, A314-22, A315-23

Please drop us a chat to confirm the capacity of the laptop.
Note: Hard Disk image is for illustration only.

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