Energy efficient BLDC motors

Acerpure air circulators feature energy-efficient BLDC motors, minimizing airflow power consumption and providing superior air circulation, all while keeping electrical costs exceptionally low.

designed to perfection

The Acerpure air circulator proudly received the 2023 Japan Good Design Award, recognized for its modern design, quality, and user-friendly features. With its sleek and lightweight build, it's ideal for on-the-go use. Plus, cleaning is a breeze – just remove one screwto detach the fan guard, ensuring quick and hassle-free maintenance.

3d airflow

Experience the Acerpure air circulator's cutting-edge design, where the turbine blade fan and spiral flow guard work in harmony to create a powerful 3D airflow. Unlike standard fans, this innovative technology delivers a wider range and more targeted airflow, significantly enhancing indoor air circulation for maximum effectiveness.

Remote Control

The Acerpure air circulator comes with a handy remote and features intuitive controls that allow you to easily adjust airflow, lifestyle modes, and timers. It operates from up to 5 meters away and has a magnetic design, making it easy to attach to the top of the circulator and prevent misplacement.

Extremely Low Noise

The noise level of Acerpure Cozy is just 25 dB, lower than a qiute library (40dB), providing you with comfortable and quite lifestyle

Year-Round Essential

Eliminates uncomfortable temprature diffrences within your home working with heating and air conditioning to adjust room temperature and save energy in your home. Create a in-home climate all-year-round.

3 Years Warranty

Acerpure’s commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by our comprehensive 3-year warranty for the Acerpure Cozy Fan + Air Circulator. This warranty underscores our confidence in the quality and reliability of our product.

Multi directional Swing

The Acerpure Cozy fan + Air circulators are equipped with multidirectional swing settings, allowing for oscillation ranging up to 120 degrees from left to right and approximately 90 degrees from top to bottom. These features are meticulously designed to ensure optimal air distribution throughout every corner of your room.

Speed Settings for precise airflow

Effortlessly regulate the airflow in the Acerpure Cozy fan + Air circulators with precision, thanks to its 12-16 speed settings catering to both rapid and gentle air currents. This comprehensive range of speed options facilitates meticulous control over the airflow, allowing users to tailor the circulation to their specific preferences with ease and accuracy.

Air Circulator Vs Traditional

Air circulators effectively distribute air throughout an entire room, ensuring comprehensive airflow coverage. Unlike typical fans, which primarily focus on oscillation and direct airflow to specific areas, Acerpure air circulator fans employ Spiral Wing 3D technology to facilitate efficient air circulation. This innovative approach enables air to reach every corner of the room, promoting effective recirculation and optimizing airflow dynamics.

Air cozy circulator

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