Acer Care Plus Plan Features
- Priority repair service for your Acer device
- Access to phone, fax and on-line technical support for the entire duration of the Plan without any further charge than the telephone costs.
- 5 years Carry-in: this service provides high-quality assistance in Acer’s Repair Centres and includes free of charge shipment from and to your home. Read More

- This Acer Care Plus Plan must be activated within 365 days of your Acer device's purchase date.
- Proof of your Acer device's purchase date required, such as a copy of an invoice or a sales receipt.

Acer Care Plus Program Activation
After purchasing your Acer Care Plus extended service plan, you will receive an email with complete instructions, including your personal warranty code and password to enter on the Acer Care Plus website and activate the Plan.

Acer Limited Product Warranty
Consumer have legal rights under applicable legislation governing the sale of consumer goods and this warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend any such applicable rights. For example, Consumers have at least a 12 months warranty starting from the date of purchase - independently of what is stated on any warranty cards or other materials.

Terms and Conditions
Please read the full terms and conditions before purchasing your Acer Care Plus Plan.

This Warranty Extension is valid only for the following monitor's Series:
CBA2 Series
DM1 Series
EB1 Series
EH Series
EH3 Series
EK0 Series
EK1 Series
ET1 Series
ET2 Series
H7 Series
HA Series
HA0 Series
K2 Series
K3 Series
KA0 Series
KA2 Series
KB2 Series
PM Series
PM1 Series
R0 Series
R1 Series
R2 Series
RC1 Series
RT0 Series
SA0 Series
SB0 Series
SB1 Series
T2 Series
UT Series
UT1 Series
UT2 Series
B6 Series
B7 Series
B8 Series
BC0 Series
BE0 Series
BL0 Series
BW7 Series
CB2 Series
CBL2 Series
PE0 Series
V6 Series
V7 Series
VW7 Series
KA0 Series

In case you have any doubts about which is the appropriate Acer Care Plus product for your Acer device, please contact our Customer Service before you make your purchase.